William Callahan, San Francisco CFA

William alan callahan, CFA

Founder, operator/executive, venture & angel investor, startup advisor


2022 – Present

Founder, CEO of a San Francisco-based fintech working to make venture capital accessible to everyone, normalizing it’s role in modern portfolio management

2021 – Present
Frequent investor in pre-seed and seed angel rounds, and occasional venture rounds
2021 – Present
Advisor to fintech software firm that provides values-based portfolio research and audits (e.g., climate, DEI, BIPOC, faith)
2021 – 2022
Leading asset management, financial planning, tax preparation and tax planning unit for the bank following acquisition
2010 – 2021
Founder and chief executive officer, successfully raised equity via 2 fundraising rounds
2020 – 2021
Director and treasurer, board of directors
2015 – 2020
Advisor to executive team and member of advisory board

El Camino de Santiago

Hiked for approximately 1.5 months, beginning in France, and ending near the Atlantic coast of Spain/Portugal


I’m an entrepreneur that enjoys building relationships and businesses. I’m actively investing in private companies (angel/seed investments to late stage).


Creighton University - Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Creighton University - Master of Investment Management & Financial Analysis (MIMFA)



University of Nebraska at Omaha - BSBA in Corporate Finance, Banking & Financial Markets, Investment Science & Portfolio Management


Financial Markets (Behavior, History, Interaction, Portfolio Design)
Banking (Strategy, Product, Launch, Credit, Asset/Liability Management)
Regulatory and Compliance – (SEC, FINRA, Banking)
CFO (Accounting, Controls, Financial Statements, Reporting)
Product Management (Launch, Design, Distribution)
CMO (Campaign Strategy, Multi-Channel)